Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Relative Time to Object Theory (Trigger Objects)

The Relative Time to Object Theory is also sometimes known as the "Singapore Theory" (though how that name came to be assigned to this theory we are not aware).

In the Relative Time to Object Theory many investigators claim that paranormal activity will increase when an object, such as old furniture, clothing, toys, music etc. from that time period is brought into a location that used to have these objects during that specific time period. When the object is brought into the ...location the ghost that supposedly haunts the location will interact more, because the ghost can relate to the specific object.

For example in the ballroom at the Queen Mary, if you play the music that was played during that time era then paranormal activity may pick up more than normal.

We asked the "core" team their opinions about this theory and here are their responses:

Marianne Donley: I think it "would help" (remember I am the skeptic). Think about it. If you were born in 1776...you had not T.V., clothing was zipperless, no stoves or clothes dryers etc., if those types of items are what you bring in, they would have no idea what they were let alone how to use them or properly interact with them. Now you bring in a rug beater, a wash board or a rope bed...now they know what to do with these items. They will likely be more comfortable and even feel more at home.

Shawn Donley: To extend on what Marianne mentions, think about this. In times before media such as T.V., Internet, etc. what was done to pass the time? Children would play with sometimes a single toy, and adults would spend time working with certain items that they would become familiar with. Just as most of us are comfortable with our cell phones or even carrying a wallet in a certain pocket. If those items are missing.. then we feel as if something is off since we spend so much time with them. Now, if you bring back one of those objects that a potential spirit is familiar with, it is possible to general more paranormal activity.

Andrea Rufener: I agree that it helps open lines of communication. Especially, if for example, your dealing with a child like entity...toys would make it feel comfortable enough to communicate.

Thomas Lee Curtin Jr. :  After death it only seems to make sense that as in life we are attracted to things that we feel comfortable and familiar with. Whether it be objects, clothing or etc. Contrary to popular belief cemeteries are not "usually" places filled with spirit activity. Most spirits return to a familiar place like their home, workplace or if a tragic demise was the case the place where they met their end in this life. Think of it like going fishing. Different kinds of fish are attracted to and bite on different baits. This may also be true in attracting different spirits with different personalities and interests as well.

Mike Mizenko (G12P):  The Singapore theory started out as the theory of familiarization. I came across this when I was researching trigger objects. You are more apt to be successful in trying to communicate with spirits when you present items to them that they would be familiar with. Toys, clothing, furniture, music ..... it all make sense.

Leola Moore Mizenko (G12P): I believe this is true, something they are use to in their everyday life. But I only believe this works in an intelligent haunt, not a residual one,( residual being like a time loop played over and over).

So what is your opinion about this theory?  Leave your comments below...

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