Thursday, August 28, 2014

Salem Historical Society Walking and Trolley Ghost Tours

In July of this year, we got a chance to go on a great tour with the Salem Historical Society.  They offer ghost walks and ghost trolley tours a couple of times during the year, and if you are interested in local history (and ghost stories), you need to check out these tours.

Company Website:

Walking Tour:

The walking tour was wonderful.  We walked around the different buildings within the downtown area and heard some creepy history about each building.  From the Historical society buildings themselves, to the other buildings downtown and even a tree that has a tendency to show orbs when you take it's picture.   Quite interesting information to say the least.

Trolley Tour:

The Ghost Trolley Tour was extremely cool.   Not only do you hear more ghostly stories and history, you get to stop at a couple of cemeteries and hear even more information. 

Overall, these are both highly recommended tours.   The Salem Historical Society and our Guide Kim Mitchell (Ghosting 12 Paranormal) do a wonderful job in organizing and operating these tours.  For the price of $25 ($10 walking tour and $15 trolley tour), you get a ton of history and ghost stories.  Well worth it and a great night out.

Ratings (See explanation of rating system here)

Ease in purchasing tickets or making reservations4 Glenns. We had no problem at all purchasing tickets for these tours.  Simply call 330-205-3923.  Would of had 5 Glenns if we could purchase tickets on-line.

Tour popularity – 4 Glenns. There were still seats available on the July tour; however, we hear that these sell out quick in October.

Knowledge of Tour Guide – 5 Glenns. Again, Kim Mitchell has done her homework.   She is a great guide and tells the stories wonderfully.

Story Telling – 5 Glenns. See Knowledge.

Paranormal Experiences3 Glenns, didn't really get a chance to see or experience anything.

Customer Service5 Glenns. Outstanding customer service could have not been better.

Pace of Tour5 Glenns. The tour guide kept us on a perfect pace during the entire tour. She knew exactly where to go. Perfect.

Would we take the tour again and would we recommend the tour to others5 Glenns. Absolutely.

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