Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ghosts in the White House

Have you heard about the haunting at the White House?  With this post we will cover some of the sightings that have been reported throughout the years.

The Ghost of Abraham Lincoln

The Ghost Of Abraham Lincoln:

Lincoln is the most seen ghost in the White House. Psychics have speculated that Lincoln's spirit remains in the White House to be on hand in times of crisis, as well as to complete the difficult work that his untimely death left unfinished.

Winston Churchill famously refused to sleep in the bedroom ever again after seeing the ghost beside the fireplace. He has also been spotted by: Presidents Teddy Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, and Dwight Eisenhower; First Ladies Jacquie Kennedy and Ladybird Johnson; and presidential children Susan Ford and Maureen Reagan. Maureen and her husband both saw Lincoln standing beside the fireplace, just as Churchill has seen him. Other guests have reported that lights in the bedroom will turn themselves on and inexplicable cold spots will occur in the room.

The Ghost of Andrew Jackson

The Ghost of Andrew Jackson:

The Rose Bedroom in the White House is frequented by its former occupant, President Andrew Jackson. Numerous White House employees have seen or heard Jackson in the room, often engaged in hearty laughter or swearing violently.

According to White House lore, there is an inexplicable cold spot on the canopy bed in the room where Jackson slept.

The Ghost of Abigail Adams

The Ghost of Abigail Adams:

The East Room is the favorite haunt of Abigail Addam's ghost. During her tenure in the White House, this was the room in which she would hang her laundry. She is often seen in or en route to the East Room with her arms outstretched, as though carrying a laundry basket. In addition to her sightings, many people report the faint smell of laundry soap around this area.

The Ghost of William Henry Harrison

The Ghost of William Henry Harrison:

William Henry Harrison was the shortest-serving president and the first to die in office, succumbing to pneumonia a mere month after his inauguration. However, subsequent residents have believed that HarrisonĂ¢€™s ghost still haunts the White House attic, rummaging around for something unknown. Several presidents have reportedly heard the unexplained noises coming from the attic above the Oval Office.

The 'Demon Cat' in the White House Basement

The 'Demon Cat' in the White House Basement:

The basement is said to be the home of a "demon cat." Those who have reportedly seen the cat claim that it first appears as a small kitten, but as you get closer it becomes a larger and larger phantom beast. According to the legend, when the cat does appear, it serves as a warning of a great national disaster. The demon cat was supposedly sighted shortly before the great stock market crash of the 1920s & right before President Kennedy's assassination.

Ghosts at The North Portico

Ghosts at The North Portico:

The White House entrance has a number of notable ghost fixtures. A torch-wielding British soldier is often seen standing outside the front door. People have also reported seeing long-deceased White House ushers and doormen still tending to their duties. The most bizarre is the ghost of Anne Surratt, whose mother Mary was hanged in 1865 for her role in the Lincoln assassination.

Anne's ghost has been spotted pounding on the White House doors begging for her mother's release. She is also reported to sit on the front steps every July 7, the anniversary of her mother's execution.

What are some spooky stories you've heard about The White House? Do you believe it's haunted by our past presidents?

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