Saturday, August 23, 2014

Games That Children Play

Today on our social networking posts we covered the topic of "Games that Children Play" for our #SpookySaturday post.   I didn't personally get a chance to research this one, another team member did and I find it quite interesting some of the information that innocent children have at their disposal.

For example: I remember as a very young boy doing the Bloody Mary thing with my older cousin... it was just something done to pass the time, but where did this and the other "activities" come from.   This was back before the Internet of course.

For those of you who do not know.

Bloody Mary is the children's game of summoning an evil and vengeful witch of the same name. This is done by standing in a bathroom, with one candle lit and calling the name "Bloody Mary" into the mirror three times in a row.

It is believed that by taking part in this game, and summoning the witch, it would have one of the following terrible consequences: eyes being ripped out by the witch, found with claw marks all over body and/or face, disappear mysteriously from the bathroom and end up in the mirror with the witch for eternity, see the horrifying witch appear in the mirror, or you will be driven insane or drop dead on the spot at the witch's appearance.
Some of the other "activities" I have heard of before as well, such as "Light as a Feather, stiff as a board", and the Ouija Board.  But, like I asked above, where did these originate.   Sounds like another topic for some more research.   Maybe the originate from that old time fascination with ghost stories and the occult.  Either way, makes for some interesting information.

If you have any more activities... let us know.

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