Monday, August 25, 2014

6 Things You Should Not Do While Ghost Hunting

For this installment of #TechniqueTueday, we are going to cover 6 things you should not do while you are out ghost hunting.   This list applies to any investigation you are planning on doing and if you get into any trouble with the law or in any other way, well, we told you so...
1. GET PERMISSION.  This is truly important.  You do not want to enter or start investigating any location without the full consent of the owner or the persons responsible for the property.  In fact, it is a good idea to have some kind of signed agreement that you have permission to be there.  Most investigations take place over night, and there is a good chance that the authorities may be called.  If (and when) they arrive, if you have a signed document stating you have permission to be there, everything will be cleared up quickly and you can get back to your investigation.   This includes private property, properties with public access, and cemeteries
2. DON'T GO ALONE.  There are many reasons for this, but the two most important are safety and witness.   If you are out investigating by yourself, and something would happen to you in an emergency situation, you will wish you had a buddy with you.  Also, if you have an experience that cannot be explained... having another witness is great to lend to the credibility of the experience.
3. DON'T BELIEVE TECHNOLOGY OVER WHAT YOU FEEL.   If you are in an area and you are getting readings or anomalies on your equipment, but are not feeling any type of presence (even the lesser sensitive will have a feeling of being watched, temperature changes, or a creepy feeling), you need to check and double check your equipment before coming to a conclusion.
4. DON'T PROVOKE TO GET A RESPONSE.  Remember that spirits or entities where once people too at one time.  It is extremely disrespectful to provoke a spirit just to get a response.  You should talk and communicate with the spirits as if you were speaking to a person.  If you are the type of person who talks to people to just get them upset and to start an argument, you probably should not be ghost hunting.   Provoking should be left to clergy (or equivalent) who are performing exorcisms or attempting to remove demonic spirits.  You can, however; use some forceful words if you are not getting anything such as, "Well, if you are not going to speak with us, we are going to leave" or "We came here to talk to you and you are just ignoring us."
5. DON'T BE QUICK TO COME TO A CONCLUSION.  You are performing tests to gather information and you need to be open minded.  Look for possible answers to what is happening around you.  If you hear tapping noises, look for the source.  Collect as much evidence you can to review the situation later.  If you are experience an event or episode, you adrenaline will be in full force, so collecting data for you to review later when you are in a more calmed state is very important.
6. DON'T EVER CLAIM YOU CAN RID A PLACE OF A SPIRIT.   You shouldn't even try this unless you have the ability to do it.  All you can do is call in more help, and offer suggestions.  There is never a guarantee that someone can rid a location of a spirit.

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