Friday, October 24, 2014

Urban Legends, Ghost Hunting, and Evidence Presentation at the Newton Falls Public Library

On Wednesday, October 22,  we had a great presentation at the Newton Falls Public Library called Urban Legends, Ghost Hunting, and Evidence.  Our Family from Ghosting 12 Paranormal joined us and we got to see some old friends and make some new ones.   Was just a great evening and we cannot wait for the next chance to put one together again.

The night started off with allowing the guests to come up and view some of the items Ghosting 12 Paranormal had brought with them including the Lisbon Doll, a wedding dress, and a pair of lamps that have been reported to have attachments by a medium.

Dark Shadow Ghost Tours laid out of their ghost hunting equipment as well to allow people to come up and see "the tools of the trade" so to speak.

A huge thank you to the library for providing cookies and refreshments for the guests and presenters.

Shawn was the "MC" for the evening introducing and Dark Shadow Ghost Tours.  Explain what we do and why we do it.

The floor was then turned over to Kim Mitchell (Ghosting 12 Paranormal) and she covered some of the local hauntings, urban legends, and story jumpers.

Shawn then went over how we bring the public out and perform ghost hunts.  He also went over some of the equipment and how it is used.

The floor was then turned over to Marianne to discuss the proper ways to perform an EVP session.

Andrea then presented on how to analyze recordings, classify, and document EVP evidence.

The final part of the presentation was sharing some of the evidence that has been collected and how people can get into ghost hunting themselves.

We tried to wrap-up doing an flash light/evp session as a demonstration at the end, but the spirits were not cooperating with us that much.   All in all, we had a wonderful time during the presentation and look forward to the next one!

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