Saturday, October 4, 2014

Dark Shadow Ghost Tours Rocks the N.F. Fire Auxiliary 25th Annual Chili Cook-Off

It was cold, it was wet, it even hailed... twice, but we pulled it off.  On Saturday, October 4, 2014, Dark Shadow Ghost Tours (and some friends from Ghosting 12 Paranormal) had a booth at the 25th Annual Newton Falls Fire Auxiliary Chili Cook-Off.

Although we had some awesome chili, we did not make the final three.   We did have a great time though and enjoyed every minute of the event.

Part of our decorations was an 8 foot Stay-Fresh Marshmallow Man, but he didn't last in the wind too long.  He made his debut twice, then was quickly put back into the box due to high winds.

Our theme for the year was Ghostbusters.   We even made a PECU "Portable Ecto-Containment Unit" that allowed visitors to fill out their name and e-mail address and then insert it into the chamber to join our VIP list. 

A huge thank you to Andrea for cutting out all these ghosts for the PECO.

We want to thank Mike and Lee for taking care of all the Chili and Andrea for the little corn bread muffins.


We also want to thank Kay and Carmella for making over 175 ghost suckers with our cards attached that we passed out.

All-in-all, was the event a success.   Yes, it was.  And here is why, although the temperature was cold and the wind was blowing, if you look at the faces of the people in these pictures, you see smiles on their faces.   That is what it is all about.   Over the weekend with this event, we were able to gain almost 50 new VIP members and we spread the word even further about Dark Shadow Ghost Tours!

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