Sunday, October 12, 2014

Catch-Us-If-You-Can - October 11, 2014

On, October 11, 2014, Members of Dark Shadow Ghost Tours and Ghosting 12 Paranormal dressed as Clue Characters to embark on "Catch-Us-If-You-Can" which took us from Youngstown, to Niles, to Newton Falls, and to Austintown.   This marketing plan was to help promote our Halloween Bash, October 31, 2014 where one of our events will be a Human Clue Game.

As we traveled around the area, we posted clues on social media, letting fans know where we could be found.   If a fan came up and asked what we were doing and wanted a photo taken, they had a chance to draw for discounts off the Halloween event, Free T-shirts from the event, or other DSGT Swag items.

Our first stop was Fellow's Riverside Gardens, where the suspects where all over the gardens getting different photos taken and talking with people.

As we prepared to make our get-a-way we posted the clue as to where we would stop next.

Our next stop was right outside of Sam's club in Niles.   As the characters passed out fliers and spoke with people, the theme from Clue was playing in the back ground.   Again we posted photos and clues on our social network as to where they would should up next.

The next location was the Eastwood Mall where we walked around, but had a brief stop at the All Smiles Aboard Railroad where the characters where able to make their escape.

Keep an eye on our social media... you never know what we will try next!

 Find more pictures about our adventure at:

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