Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Victorian Wake of Sylvester Conley - Upton House - Sunday, November 16

Funerals aren’t the type of events that one looks forward to…unless, it happens to be one that is created and coordinated by Dark Shadow Ghost Tours. On Sunday, November 16, 2014 guests entered the doors of Warren, Ohio’s historic Upton House to partake in the interactive dinner show “The Wake of Sylvester Conley”.

Upon entering the magnificent house, the guests were greeted by the Conley sisters and the interaction of the Victorian Wake immediately ensued.  They were then instructed to sign the guest book while receiving a mourning card revealing their role in the event. 

The guests were then directed to pay their condolences to the widow, Carolyn Conley who grieved her poor husband in the somber surroundings of the library. 

The next path on the interactive course transported the guests to the Harriet Taylor Upton museum where they could see a living piece of history (also and ear full of gossip about the Conley family)...

...before moving on to pay respects to Sylvester who awaited them in the parlor. 

In true Victorian tradition, the guests were able to have their post-mortem picture with the deceased, compliments of Sylvester’s sister-in-law and photography fanatic Sara Conley. 

 George Conley, Sara’s husband ensured that after posing for their picture, the guests also offered their sympathy to Sylvester’s alcoholic mother, Maddy who awaited their arrival in the dining room. 

While the guests settled in to share their fond memories of Sylvester, the local tavern owners and Sylvester’s extended family, Dean and Rachelle Dirtch, prepared a scrumptious four-course dinner.

It was at this time that an unexpected, and uninvited guest, arrived to join everyone for dinner. Angela, the local schoolteacher, created quite a stir. 

Throughout dinner, guests were entertained with facts revealing Victorian Wake tradition, the history of the Harriet Upton house as well as her courageous suffrage movement, and, of course, a reading of Sylvester’s will. 

When dinner was through, the guests enjoyed a rousing game of Fact or Fiction regarding Victorian customs and superstitions. Prizes were distributed and each guest left with parting gifts of a traditional wake cookie, a black rose, a photo with Sylvester, and memories of an entertaining experience.

For more pictures from the event, please connect to: http://www.darkshadowghosttours.com/Victorian-Wake-Conley-2014.html

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  1. I Had a Murder Mystery Party there on Halloween!! It was wonderful! Perfect house for it!