Thursday, February 18, 2016

Prepping for the return of “The Irish Wake Of Paddy O’Malley”


Dark Shadow Ghost Tours is gearing up for our first murder/mystery dinner of the season with the return of the Irish Wake of Paddy O’Malley.

This year, we will be producing this dinner at St. Luke’s in Boardman as a fundraiser for the Knights of Columbus.   You can find out more about the dinner (and reserve your tickets) at:

If you don’t know anything about this dinner, the basic synopsis is that Paddy has recently died and his long time friend, Seamus (who is a detective) has been charged to facilitate his wake.   Although the wake is to be a celebration of his life, Seamus finds out earlier that day that although most of Paddy’s friends and family thought he died from a heart attack, he was actually murdered.

As a guest at the dinner, you not only get to help solve the mystery, but your table will also take part in the play.   Each table will have a role as if you were one of the actors.

At the end of the night, each guest will have a chance to figure out the mystery.   If you get all of the compents correctly, you will be entered to win a 32” LCD TV.


So, come on out on March 19, and help us celebrate the life of Paddy O’Malley… and help solve who done him in.

Also, we are running a contest to give a way a pair of tickets to the event.  You can connect to:


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