Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Pros and Cons of Ghost Hunting in the Winter

One can go out at any time to perform a paranormal investigation, but to go out during extreme heat or extreme cold, takes a little bit more dedication than your average ghost hunter. Even to the most seasoned of spectral seekers think twice when the temperature drops below that which can make you think, should I go out and do an EVP session, or cuddle up here next to the fire and perform some research. If you do choose to go out ghost hunting in the winter month, we have outlined a few pro’s and con’s to consider before you head out.

+ ProThe Nights are Longer – Most investigations take place at night in the dark. This is so that hustle and bustle of the day is not in your way and won’t contaminate your evidence. It is not due the fact that ghosts only come out at night that is farthest from the truth. They can come out anytime. With having a long night, you can start your investigation earlier, or even extend it longer if you needed.

- ConIt is Harder to Trust Your Photos – During an investigation, either you or someone on your team will be snapping pictures all night long. If it is extremely cold, to the point where you can see your breath, then how can you determine if what you are capturing on your photograph is a mist, an orb, or someone just taking a big yawn and exhale.

+ ProTracks in the snow – If during your investigation you hear noises coming from outside and there is snow on the ground, you then have the potential of finding the tracks to whatever caused the noise. If there is snow on the ground and no tracks or footprints, you might have to refocus your investigation a little bit.

- ConHarder to feel cold spots – It is a known theory that when a spirit tries to manifest itself or communicate, investigators will sometimes feel chills or cold spots. The theory is this is caused by the spirit using the energy and in exchange you feel cold. Well if the temperature is cold already, how will you be able to experience cold spots?

+ Pro - Discounted Rates for Rentals - If you or your team travels to locations that offers rentals for ghost hunting, then most places offer discounted rates in the winter (if they are open) for those who wish to brave the elements.

- Con - Harder to Keep Focus - It is a known fact that it is harder for the human mind to focus on a specific task when the body is experiencing extreme temperatures.    This would be the same if you were on an investigation.   Also, how hard would it be to conduct a focused EVP session if all your are picking up on the recording is one of your team member's teach chattering?

+ Pro - Most Wildlife in Hibernation - During the winter months, most wildlife and rodents hibernate to conserve their energy.   This can be a plus for a paranormal investigator during this time so that they can rule out movement in the darkness being attributed to some critter who just wants to come up and say, "Hello."

- Con - Harder to Feel the Sense of Touch - Another paranormal theory is that entities will sometimes touch or brush by investigators.    If you are bundled up in layers of clothing, it would be hard to experience this phenomenon.   Also, it is not easy start and stopping recorders while you are wearing mittens.

+ Pro - Something to Fight Off Cabin Fever - There is nothing worse then being a seasoned paranormal investigator and not being able to go and and perform some research due to the cold weather.   If you have to wait months for it to warm up, sometimes is it worth just bundling up and going out for a few hours just to try and fend off some of that anxiousness.

- Con - Howling Winds - If you have experienced a harsh cold winter's night, you will understand this one.   Imaging being out on an investigation, all night it has been quiet, and you are just hoping that you captures something on your EVP recorder.   All of sudden, out of nowhere you here this howling sound...  now, if the wind was not blowing earlier, you may think twice on that one.
Can you think of anymore pros or cons when it comes to ghost hunting in the winter?   If so, we would like to hear them.   Please leave us a comment.

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