Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ghosts Caught on Video

If you are even an avid ghost hunter, you know that capturing a ghost (or spirit) on film is one of the rarest if not almost impossible things to document.   Here is a great web page we came across that documents some of the most compelling documentation of ghosts on video.

From the website

Good videos of ghosts are the "Holy Grail" of ghost investigation. Every ghost hunter wants to record them, but they are extremely difficult to get. That is why good, compelling ghost videos are so rare.

View their collection of Videos at:

We (Dark Shadow Ghost Tours and Researchers) have been on several ghost hunts, and have yet to even come close to having the opportunity to record documentation of a spirit on video.  Although we have tried several times, and will continue to attempt this "holy grail" of ghost hunting documentation, having video evidence is extremely rare.

There is another issue as well, if someone did produce a video with paranormal activity, you will always have the skeptics stating that it has been faked, and just discount your evidence.  

Although we will continue our quest, we applaud those who have accomplished this feet and are extremely proud of of creating this collection to help spread the word about paranormal activity.

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