Saturday, December 27, 2014

Do You Want to be an Actor?

Have you even been to a murder/mystery dinner party?   If you have, then you know what I am talking about here.   At a murder/mystery dinner party, you are provided a role by your host, given some items that have to be worked into the conversation, and everyone works together to create the environment as if you where there taking part in the mystery and helping to solve the crime.   These parties are great fun, and everyone has a blast during the evening.

Well, as you know, Dark Shadow Ghost Tours has produced some major murder/mystery dinners in the past.   Some of these dinners have had over 200 people in attendance, and with that many people at an event, it is very hard to work in personal interaction with the guests.   Although the larger dinners are awesome events and we love putting them together and producing them; we want to create something that has the feel of a those dinner parties so that everyone who is attendance can participate and play a role.
With this in mind, we have decided to create the mini murder/mystery dinner events.    These events will be produced similar to our larger dinners; however, with less guests.   This will allow us to create and assign character roles for each guest as they arrive for the event.   At check-in, you will receive a character card which in turn will transfer you from a guest, to have an actual role for the event.

Our first of this type will be the Ruined Reunion on January 10, 2015 at Leo’s Restaurante in Howland, Ohio.

At this event, all guests are former co-ed dorm roommates.   One of the more wealthy roommates has decided to donate money to rebuilding the dorm, so a committee has assembled this reunion for everyone to get back together to share some memories and to review the plans of the new dorm building.  Unfortunately, the guest speaker will not be leaving alive.

Mia and Ava at a dorm Christmas Party

Now, here is how this is going to work…

Those who are organizing and running the reunion are actually the main characters for the event; however, every guest who attends will receive a character card for their role within the play itself.   Each guest will have an opportunity to contribute (or divert) from solving the mystery.

Noah and Ben at one of the dorm Christmas parties.

The event will be run as if it is an actual reunion (typical of those like high school or college reunions) and during the event, someone will become the victim.   It is up to everyone’s contribution to the play to provide information on motive and at the end, all of the guests will have the opportunity to vote on who the killer actually is and what the motive was for the murder.   All of those who have solved this mystery correctly will be entered to win the grand prize.
The group getting ready for the dorm Halloween Party

So, how are your acting skills?   Are you able to contribute to the play?   Are you able to throw people off of the killer?   Why don’t you come and join us to find out?

Could your photo be next?  Did you stay in the dorm with us?

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