Friday, July 12, 2013

Segway Tours of Gettysburg Battlefield


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This is not a review of a ghost tour; however, it is a review of a tour that involves history, so we are including it on the website. When we first booked out trip to Gettysburg, we wanted to have a different way to view the battlefields. There are several different ways that you can do this of course; you can book a bus tour, you can purchase a CD and do a self-paced tour, you can even hire a park ranger to ride around with you in your car to tour the battlefield, but one of the things that we came across that was different was a segway tour of the battlefield. That was truly a different and unique experience, and we highly recommend it to anyone who is visiting the Gettysburg area.

Our first issue that we had was overcoming the initial strangeness of never being on a segway before. If you have never been on one, you are probably thinking the same thing, but let me tell you that once you get the hang of it, you will have a blast. To ease any concerns, you will have a 20-30 minute training session before you leave on tour. This was great since before we even went out on the roads, we were comfortable using the segways.

The tour itself was simply amazing. The company has really done their homework, and our tour guide Jessie was very nice and accommodating. We all had ear pieces where we could hear Jessie who was at the front of the group talking and she played an audio presentation as we passed each location along the battlefield. The audio presentation was very informative and walked us through the entire three day battle in detail. It was truly an amazing experience to hear about the battles while being in the same spots that they took place.
We had a view stops along the 10 mile tour which afforded us the ability to rest our feet, stretch our legs, get a snack and a drink of water (provided by the tour company). We also had several opportunities during these stops to take photographs and speak with the tour guide.
At the end of the tour it began to rain; however, the company had everything prepared for us a head of time. They even provided ponchos or rain jackets to the entire group if someone forgot to bring one. The tours go on rain or shine, but the rain was not that bad and it was only the last 10-15 minutes of the tour.

Ratings (See explanation of rating system here)

Ease in purchasing tickets or making reservations - 5 Glenns. We were able to make reservations easily on-line through their website. We only had a little bit of trouble trying to find the location of the store since it was in the back of plaza and not really a location you would picture a segway tour shop. They also didn’t have a sign out by the main road.

Tour popularity – 5 Glenns. Out tour was sold out. They have various tours throughout the day that sell out pretty quickly as well, so it is highly recommended to make reservations in advance.

Knowledge of Tour Guide3 Glenns. The tour guide did know the tour, but was not permitted to answer any battle related questions since she was not a park ranger. If someone had a question about a location or a certain battle she had to try and locate a park ranger to answer the question. This was a little strange since we commissioned the tour company to take us on tour. Local laws can be strange and it really did not take away from the tour.

Story Telling3 Glenns. The tour guide did provide us certain stories about other tours relating to the segways, but she did not provide any battle related stories. Again, she was not permitted to do this on the tour.

Paranormal Experiences – Not applicable for this tour, but a 5 Glenn rating for history.

Customer Service5 Glenns. Outstanding customer service could have not been better.

Pace of Tour5 Glenns. The tour guide kept us on a perfect pace during the entire tour. She knew exactly where to go, when to take breaks, and when to get back on and ride. Perfect.

Would we take the tour again and would we recommend the tour to others5 Glenns. Absolutely.

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