Monday, July 29, 2013

26 Reasons you should attend our dinner theaters

The following is a listing of why you should consider attending one of our murder/mystery dinner theaters:

1. They are a great night out with almost the same price as if you go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant with the added bonus of entertainment.
2. You can participate or just sit back and enjoy your dinner and the show.
3. Unlike other dinner theaters your photo is included in the price of your ticket.
4. You can expect the same customer services as our ghost tours.
5. The theater portion will be engaging to guests as our actors will mingle amongst the crowd giving clues throughout the night.
6. What else do you have to do except sit around watching TV or playing on the Internet.
7. You have the ability to become part of the show.
8. You have the ability to help solve the crime.
9. It is guaranteed that someone within the venue will be “murdered” as part of the storyline.
10. The play is not completely scripted; it is mostly improved, so each night can be different.
11. There will be surprises at any moment, so you need to be alert as to what is happening throughout the evening.
12. Each guest will walk away with some kind of gift or memento from the evening.
13. You will have the opportunity to bring your friends and have a great evening out with everyone.
14. We will announce special celebrations such as anniversaries and birthdays.
15. Our actors will not follow you into the bathroom.
16. We will not use tacky set designs or clothes from a discount clown shop.
17. You will be transformed into the interactive theater when you arrive to the venue.
18. If you solve the crime correctly, you will be entered to receive the grand prize for the evening.
19. Our dinners offer free parking.
20. Guys, impress your date with a great night out that she will remember for a long time to come.
21. Girls, give you guys a chance to stretch their echo by trying to impress you when they are solving the case.
22. Our dinner theater tickets can be a great gift idea.
23. We do not make our guests wear cheesy name tags.
24. You will get a chance to enter to win door prizes.
25. You will have a great time and will be glad that you came out to join us for the evening.
26. We won’t make you eat with a spork, we will have real silverware.

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