Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Adding a Little Paranormal Twist to Untold History Silenced

We are working on the final touches of our next murder/mystery dinner coming up this Saturday night.   This one is geared more towards the paranormal and we are excited about it.

Saturday will mark the 10th murder/mystery production from Dark Shadow Ghost Tours and this one has the entire crew excited since it does have an element of the paranormal.

We have had our victims come back in the past as ghosts, but this time we will be having characters who are paranormal investigators and they will be doing a little investigating during the show to try and communicate with the deceased.

The theme of the dinner is based on an urband legend from the local community; however, when we put our murder/mystery twist on it, we had to kill off someone during the show.   Not to give too much away, but the investigators will try to find out if the victim was actually murdered or not.

Going to be a fun little twist to the show.

You can find out more about the dinner and tickets are still available on-line at:

At the time of this post there were tickets left, but we cannot guarentee for how long.

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