Sunday, February 16, 2014

Renovation Theory

We recently polled our staff members on the concept of the paranormal related "Renovation Theory".
The Renovation Theory states that when renovations are made in a home or business that paranormal activity will start to pick up. It is said that the activity starts to pick up because the ghost is supposedly disturbed, by all of the changes being made to the home. If the ghost is a person that had died in the home and does not know they are dead they may still remain in the home because it’s something that is familiar to them. When the renovations start to occur you are changing something that the ghost is familiar with and you are disturbing the ghost.

The following is the Reponses from our staff members:

Shawn Donley: I know that if someone came into my home and began renovations and I was not aware that I had passed on, I maybe a little upset.  I would probably try to do anything and everything I can to try and contact those present to either alert them that I was still around or try to make them stop.

Marianne Donley:  I am in agreement. However, these would have to be intelligent ghosts...or they would not even notice the I would think...If there really are ghosts out there of course. =)

Andrea Rufener: I believe it if they are confused. There have been stories of renovations exposing truths or explaining the hauntings in general.

Thomas Lee Curtin Jr.:  I agree as well that more activity does usually ensue during or after renovations or construction to a haunted place. I agree with Marianne that these are intelligent haunts if the ghosts, spirits, entities or what-ever are noticing and acting out on these disturbances in their environment. In demonic cases this may also prove especially worrisome when the entities thrive and grow on fear,attention and interaction with the construction workers and crew. Not to mention all the sharp tools and testosterone around just waiting to be possessed. Not saying this will happen but merely pointing out the potential of this occurring. Makes for a great horror move perhaps...

Kay Johnston: I believe that this is true because the ghost is familiar with the surroundings and they are in limbo. They believe that you may be trying to kick them out of their home.

Amanda Crytzer: I remember when my parents got the house from my grandparents. . Been in the family since early 1900s. They renovated. I was 3-4 y/o. I remember getting mad at my mom and dad because I was talking to these people and they couldn't see them but I could.

Marti Robinson Blanchard: I do think if you do start to make changes and renovate, I think it would stir up activity and it would be very active!

So, that is the staff's opinions.  What is yours?  Leave your comments below...

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