Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Night at the Scrooges - A Mystery Dinner for the Holidays

With the holiday right around the corner, everyone is full of cheer and warm wishes. This is true for most households, unless, of course, you are spent an evening with the Scrooge’s at the Saxon Club in Austintown on December 5, 2014. Bah Humbug filled the air at the holiday dinner show titled “A Night at the Scrooges”.  Guests in this interactive mystery dinner enjoyed an evening filled with many prominent characters from Scrooge University…even the ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge made an appearance.

Upon entering, the guests enjoyed dinner and a show. A talent portion contained singing and dancing acts.  Marianne Donley sang, “We Need a Little Christmas”; followed by Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause crooning to “Baby, it’s Cold Outside”. A performance by Rudolph dancing to “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer” wrapped up the individual portion of talent show.  The audience joined together in a jolly rendition of “Jingle Bell Rock”.

Guests were then alerted to the true reason everyone was invited – someone was funneling money from Scrooge University. Playing the role of former alumni and supporters of the university, guests had to hone in on their detective skills to identify the culprit. Could it be Ben Scrooge, the headmaster and chairman of the board? Was Vanessa Williams tallying the wrong figures used to recruit talent to the school? Or, did Pat Stewart, the athletic director, have an ax to grind? 

Eden Starling, chief accountant, and Al Finney, CFO, had the most access to funds. Surely they would know if Simon Callo or Mike Cane were crossing numbers in their fundraising events or supply orders. The guests had many questions to ask these individuals and were given ample time to probe each dubious employee to the school.

So, who was it you ask? Only the ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge himself knew. The guests were able to communicate with him during the inquisition. Everyone knows that Santa is always watching to see if you’re good or bad, but what they forget is that Scrooge is also keeping a close eye.

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