Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Zombie Walk for those with Special Needs Announced

373305_280002272108364_1836203775_nFor Immediate Release:
Ken Roberts
Warehouse on the Canal
(330) 949 -1717


Zombie Walk for those with Special Needs, their Families and those that want to support them.
Open to adults and children with special needs EVERYWHERE.

It is believed that this type of event has never been done anywhere at anytime

Zombies are very popular with both kids and adults.
Everyone loves the Halloween season.
Everyone wants to participate, but, not everyone has the same chance.
But, this year in Canal Fulton, Ohio it is going to be different.

The playing field has been leveled and it is their time to become zombies to have fun at their own pace.
The Zombie Walk will be held from noon to 2:00 pm on Saturday September 29th at the Warehouse on the Canal located at 239 N. Canal Street in downtown Canal Fulton. Participants are to meet at the Warehouse by 11:30am. Parents are to pack a bag lunch for all of their participants that way each can account for their dietary needs. Zombie dancing by all will take place after the walk where they will groove to “Thriller”, electric slide, Macarena, funky chicken and the other favorites. All participants must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. All participants are to come dressed as a zombie. Colleen who has two autistic teens is the contact person that the participants or families will need to contact at jazzy75mom@gmail.com to register the names.

As a result of the interest from others to want to support this cause, we will start out the walk with those with special needs and their families followed by the supporters where at one point they will join together as a symbolic gesture that as a community we should be one.

Special Needs Ghost Hunters Club: 

This is what started it all. The Warehouse made the connection initially with those with autism and their ability to recognize and interface with “spirits” that provides as an unconventional outlet for their creativity, focus and their ability to gain self confidence. We have been able to achieve results that are simply beyond imagination. Kids love watching the entire ghost shows just like everyone else but they can only fantasize about going on one.

Recognizing this need, we formed the Special Needs Ghost Hunters Club where they will be learning about ghost hunting and other fun stuff like zombies. A facebook has just been created called, Special Needs Ghost Hunters Club and shortly a new blog will be created that will become the voice for Special Needs Ghost Hunters from around the world where stories of inspiration from those who love the ghost hunt but are operating under different types of challenges. This will be their source where they can participate everywhere with comments, photos and stories.
It is our hope that this simple spark can ignite the inspiration for others in communities across the country to now start their own Zombie Walks or Special Needs Ghost Hunters Clubs where we can then add their voice to the blog. As part of that effort; a documentary will be filmed that will allow for the experience to be shared and expanded further. The person filming the documentary is Kipp Poe Speicher who can be reached at kippoe1967@gmail.com

Warehouse on the Canal is considered as Ohio’s Center for Poe, Ghosts and Zombies. We house the only continuous Edgar Allan Poe Theater in the State of Ohio and we have taken the approach to the world of spirits to a refreshing new direction where the approach is based upon spirituality and an intellect. We are a community minded organization and taken the interest in ghosts and the macabre as a business networking tool where our Warehouse on the Canal provides different event programming for the Spaghetti Warehouse in Akron providing the best of both world’s .

For more information contact Ken Roberts at (330) 949 – 1717
Email: info@canalwarehouse.com or kmqmroberts@hotmail.com
For those that are interested in volunteering: contact Margarita Roberts at new2metoday@gmail.com

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