Monday, September 10, 2012

7 Signs Your Home May be Haunted


We found this spoooooky article that will help you determine if you need some additional guidance with your house.  We are only listing the seven items here, please visit the complete article at the link below for more details.

If any of the following has occurred within your house, it may be haunted:
  1. Have you heard unexplained noises?
  2. Do objects move around on their own accord?
  3. do you ever smell unusual or unexplained fragrances?
  4. do animals behave strangely in any area of your home?
  5. Is there a room in your home that always feels cold even if outside temperatures are soaring?
  6. Do you feel that you are not alone, when you are the only one home?
  7. Have lights been seen in rooms that are unoccupied by earthly beings?
For the complete article:

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