Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ghost Village in Turkey


We often come across some interesting information while researching on the Internet, and here is one we thought was worth sharing.  It is a blog post by “Hanbobs” on about a visit to a small village in Turkey.  The post describes the “ghostly” encounter about the visit:

Most of the animals seemed restless - the dogs were barking and the donkeys were screeching and bucking. Me and my boyfriend took some pictures of the place as it was a really interesting little village. We noticed in the far corner - near where the camels were, a dog tied to the fence and a donkey tied to a tree, they both had no water so we went over to share ours with them. The donkey seemed abit stressed that we had come over and starting making that awful screeching sound. I took a picture of him because he was cute but noticed that on the picture there was a grey/blue mist hovering around him.
There are more pictures and information about the village within the post.

Go ahead, take a look, form your own opinions.

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