Thursday, February 25, 2016

Interesting Research Discovered for Murder/Mystery Dinner in April 2016

As we were planning the plot for a “new” murder/mystery dinner theme we are working on for April of 2016, we have discovered some interesting facts that will make our writing much easier.
The proposed plot of the dinner was to be to find some local history, make the story about 85-90% historically accurate, then put a little Dark Shadow Ghost Tours twist on it.   Well, we have found some interesting documentation that is going to make our job a whole lot easier. 

As it turns out, the town we are researching (Newton Falls, Ohio), does have some history that is going to make for a wonderful story line during the dinner.

The proposed plot is as follows (don’t hold us to this, because we are still in the process of developing it, it may change).   An author is coming out with a new book.   She has gone around the country and found different past, dark, urban legends and performed research as to their validity, or if they were just stories that has been passed form generation to generation.   The stories that she has found to have some basis on historical fact will become chapters within her book.   She is currently on a tour to these small towns to present her findings to the communities, but when she hits one of these towns, she runs into a some opposition.  

There are community members who do not what the story to go public and will do anything they can to stop her.

So, this is the gist of the murder/mystery; however, while researching a particular story to use… we have found some evidence that there could be some truth to some dark secrets.

Stay tuned as this project progresses and we will have some more information for you.

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