Monday, February 9, 2015

Till Death Do We Part - 2015 - Behind the Scenes

Dark Shadow Ghost Tours started our production of murder/mystery dinners in 2013 with the dinner called "Till Death Do We Part".   This past Saturday (Feb 7, 2015), we brought back the same dinner and changed it up just a little bit.   In this post we will discuss our past production, and a few things we did a little different.

First of all, we talked about changing the color scheme.   And once we asked Leah to be the bride, we just told her, "Hey, this is your wedding, you design what you want".   So, we went back to the drawing board as far as the hall decorations and changed everything from the dark blue color (Which was the colors at Marianne and Shawn's wedding) to red.   Also, since we went with the red, we decided to incorporate roses.

The next thing we decided was to change up the cake.   Due to the popularity of this show, we know that we will be doing it again in the future, so we decided to make our own cake that could be used each time we produce this show.   Most people didn't know this, but the cake that was on display at the event was actually a fake cake.   This cake is made out of Spackling, and the colors can be changed out if we decided to change it up again later.

Another thing that was added to the production was including the guests as part of the dancing.   This allowed the guests to come on up and blow off some steam, and do some of the favorite line dances.

We also added questions that could be given to guests that would allow them to question the actors while they were roaming around at the tables.   The guests got into this so much, that they bombarded the bride when she was sitting at the head table grieving, asking her questions about the death.

To add more realism to the evening's event, we added dances for the bridal party, as well as, the bouquet toss where we asked all of the single women to come on up and catch the bouquet.

We even used Rondinelli Tuxedo to get tuxes for the Father of the Bride, the Best man, and the groom for this production.

All-in-all, these additions made the evening appear more like a wedding reception and not just a murder/mystery dinner.   We had guests make the comment that they thought this was an actual wedding reception.   So, I guess we did things right!

You can see more photos from this event on our Flickr page for this event.

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