Wednesday, June 5, 2013

50 Reasons why you should consider taking our ghost hunting tours


The following is a list of great reasons why you should consider taking one of our tours:

  1. Because they are awesome!

  2. We strive to make sure that each guest has a great time and experience while on our tours.

  3. We handle all of the bookings and travel arrangements.

  4. Some locations are very expensive to visit by yourself or as a couple.

  5. We strive to keep our tour prices as low as possible, most of the time not even making a profit.

  6. You will have the chance to visit a “real” haunted house, not a fake one you go to during Halloween.

  7. Staff members do not dress up in strange costumes and try to jump out and scare you.

  8. Our staff members will bring their ghost hunting equipment (if you don’t own any) and you can hunt along side them.

  9. All tours are based on the history of the location and why potential paranormal claims exist.

  10. You will be provided with maps of the location.

  11. You will be provided a detailed agenda for the tour.

  12. You will learn the history of the location.

  13. You will learn about the paranormal activity within the location.

  14. You will learn about what other investigators have discovered.

  15. You will learn what to look for in order to gather paranormal evidence.

  16. You will receive an “I survived” the location T-shirt.

  17. You will get to see one staff member be totally fascinated with investigating with his equipment while his wife just stands back and shakes her head as a true skeptic.

  18. We will provide food and refreshments for the evening.

  19. We will provide entertainment (on long trips).

  20. You will learn and experience what it would be like to be a real “ghost hunter”.

  21. You will have the chance to test your nerves and fortitude.

  22. You will have a chance to prove that you are not the only one who is interested in the Paranormal.

  23. If you are a guy, you can use the chance to have your girl hang on you more during the trip.

  24. If you are a girl, you will have a chance to see how tough your guy actually is.

  25. Just to see if ghosts truly do exist.

  26. Our groups are normally made up of skeptics and believers.  It is fun to have the engaging conversations during the trip.

  27. It is also fun to watch the skeptics start to become believers.

  28. You will be able to witness an EVP session and hear the results real time.

  29. Some of the locations we travel to have been investigated by celebrity ghost hunters.

  30. You get to run around in the dark asking people… “shhhh, do you smell something?”

  31. People who come on our tours are tough people, nerdy people, spiritual people, strange people, and outright scared half to death people. They are all sorts and backgrounds.

  32. You will meet some really great people.

  33. On some trips with have a medium with us.  They can let us know where to look and where to hunt.

  34. You will be well informed before the tour as to what you can bring, what you should bring, and what you cannot bring on the tour.

  35. You WILL experience cold spots (and potential ghosts).

  36. You have an opportunity to experience something new, because each trip, even to the same location is different.

  37. You will receive your own Glenn the Ghost!

  38. You will become a true investigator and your evidence that you collect will be featured within

  39. Our company originates out of the Mahoning Valley in North East Ohio and we are family owned.

  40. You can take a nap on the bus on the way home since someone else will be driving!

  41. You get to see truly how fast shadow figures can move.

  42. We count everyone on the bus before we leave the location.  Nobody is ever left behind.

  43. In case of an emergency, 3 staff members are certified in CPR, General First Aid, AED… and also know how to call 911.

  44. Tickets to our tours make great gifts or stocking stuffers.

  45. You will get to watch our staff members prove and/or debunk EMF fields.

  46. We make sure that all of the places we tour have “safe” spaces or places to stop and rest.

  47. Tour owners are as excited to be there ghost hunting as you are, and don’t consider this just another job.

  48. You will have a chance to find out what all the excitement is about.

  49. We perform extensive research into our locations and most of the time meet with representative of the locations before the tours.

  50. We will make sure that when the tour is complete, you will want to come on the next one with us.

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